Current/Upcoming exhibits:

Beverly Hills Synagogue: Viewpoints: Through a Jewish Lens - August 2017

Dimensions of Spirituality: RoshShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot - UJA Federation, NYC - August 2017

The American University of Paris Syrians: Drawing an Uncertain Future  May - August 2017

Hebrew Union College Los Angeles Scatter Light Not Darkness May - July 2017


My work is based on healing… spiritual, emotional and physical. I believe that retelling one’s story is not only crucial to the healing process, but also a means of permanently recording a moment in time. It invites the past and the future onto the same plane and into the same present moment, allowing us to see all things as one and to give shape to the nuances of living history. 

Over 25 years experience in conceptualizing advertising campaigns and designing packaging and collateral for beauty, cosmetic and fashion related industries. 

The Human Element Project is an interactive, dynamic and creative opportunity to develop thought-provoking art installations that make powerful social statements about the connection between art and science; social, spiritual or biological. Our goal is to create a dialog dedicated to exploring this vital connection through public art installations, exhibitions, hands-on workshops and education. 

My work combines my fascination with science, my drive to create art, and my passion for life. As both a physician and an artist, I live the motto "Life inspires art, inspires life." Non representational paintings and abstract explorations of life at a cellular level.

Directing and producing fashion and product photoshoots for domestic and international trade and consumer advertising. 

Work with celebrities such as Jane Lynch, Carol Burnett,

Serena Williams, Cyndi Lauper, Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians. 

Mixed media collages and assemblages combine my passion for texture and global cultural imagery. My work combines raw canvas, paper, photography, acrylic paint and mediums and chalk pastel.

An intimate look into the diversity of indigenous people worldwide that captures moments of grace and joy amid the poverty and suffering of the developing word. This work is a colorful and textural interpretation of those bonds, which is first recorded through the camera lens and then enhanced with pastel and acrylic.