Electron Microscopy: This work combines my fascination with science, my drive to create art, and my passion for life on a biological and cellular level. This works explores a new perspective on disease, physiology and anatomy as seen through an electron microscope. 


The Human Element Project: An interactive, dynamic and creative opportunity to develop thought-provoking art installations. Through interactive workshops  and the resulting exhibitions, I have been able to expose thousands of people to powerful visual and written stories that have invited interest, engagement and educational opportunities on these sensitive topics.

Acrylic Paintings: This work is non-representational large-scale acrylic works on canvas and wood panels.

Creative Direction/Art Direction: Portfolio of art and creative direction of high fashion photography for domestic and international trade and consumer advertising. 

Reflects work with celebrities such as Jane Lynch, Carol Burnett,

Serena Williams, Cyndi Lauper, Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians. 

Enhanced Photography: An intimate look into the diversity of indigenous people worldwide that captures moments of grace and joy amid the poverty and suffering of the developing word. This work is a colorful and textural interpretation of those bonds, which is first recorded through the camera lens and then enhanced with pastel and acrylic.

Mixed Media: Mixed media collages and assemblages combine my passion for texture and global cultural imagery. My work combines raw canvas, paper, photography, acrylic paint mediums and chalk pastel.

Community and Humanitarian Projects:Community engagement/arts projects invite members of various communities to express themselves through Expressive Art Workshops resulting in curated public exhibitions.

Alcohol Inks: This colorful and kinetic medium is an expressive and powerful medium for nonrepresentational works as well as enhanced photography.

Graphic Design:  Combining my sense for space, composition and marking, this portfolio represents 25 years of experience in conceptualizing advertising campaigns and designing packaging and collateral for beauty, cosmetic and fashion related industries. 

I have a deep love for art, science and the human experience and it is through this triad that my work is based. My work with acrylic is concrete in its foundation but fluid in my portrayal of emotion and movement through color and alternative techniques. I rarely use brushes, I prefer to work with my hands, allowing myself to feel the contact between the paint and the canvas. This method allows me to use my entire body to guide all parts of my hand to create strokes and textures. Collectively, the work reflects my journey from being a young artist and designer, to becoming a physician later in life and working in developing countries to ultimately returning to my creative roots to express all that I’ve learned. 

Public Art Installations: Throughout the The United States, Paris and Melbourne, my have created large scale art installations - primarily based on The Human Element Project.